Tiger 2020 Pro - Call Logging

With an extensive range of product features and functionality, Tiger 2020 Pro is pivotal to effective telecommunications network management.

  • Real-Time IP LAN/WAN connectivity for the collection of call data
  • Report Formats including Adobe Acrobat PDF, Excel, Word and HTML
  • Email capability for ad-hoc or automatic reporting
  • Web Browser interface for network-wide reporting and directory look-up
  • Integration with external directory databases for one point of update
  • Integration with financial systems for transfer of departmental costs

Why the Tiger 2020 PRO - Call Logging Management solution?

  • Based on SQL compliant databases enabling deployment over Intranets, Extranets or the Internet.
  • System status monitor with alert capability constantly monitoring data inputs.
  • Secure multi-user administrative access through a simple Web browser interface.


  • Multi site collection via direct IP, FTP, ODBC, RS232 or dial-up connection.
  • Integration with existing company directory database for single point of update Integration with financial ledger systems for automatic transfer of departmental costings.


  • Fully configurable automatic reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Email capability either for ad-hoc reports or through automatic reporting.
  • Extensive report formats including PDF (Adobe Acrobat), HTML, XLS, CSV, etc.
  • Comprehensive internal directory database with user-configurable fields.
  • Full management and traffic reporting for cost allocation and switch performance statistics.
  • Comprehensive costing for alternative carrier analysis.
  • Detailed call analysis with extensive call filtering capability.

The Tiger 2020 will help you to:

  • Allocate call costs and fixed costs to departments effectively.
  • Identify cost savings by highlighting out of hours calls, calls to non-business numbers, etc.
  • Monitor trunk occupancy, leading to savings by identification of under utilised lines.
  • Assess alternative carrier costings, leading to potential cost savings.
  • Plan effectively for the future by having the traffic statistics to assess future line requirements across the network.
  • Highlight high spend and high usage areas of the company.
  • Identify volume of calls to mobiles, often an area where extensive savings can be made.
  • Streamline directory database updating through integration options offered by Tiger.