What our customers say about us

"Departments are encouraged to take responsible action regarding their telephone activity, frequently leading to staff being more conscientious when making calls"

- Retail Customer

"Moving forward, we expect Tiger to help us streamline and improve the delivery of telephony, especially as we move to a VOIP solution at more sites across the region"

- Financial Services Customer

"Foundation Trust uses Tiger to challenge phone abuse in real time and cut international call costs by 80%. Meanwhile, Tiger is being used to track down neglected extensions and deal with abusive calls and disciplinary matters, as well as being a day-to-day administrative tool"

- Healthcare Customer

"Tiger helped us model the VOIP links for on-net traffic during migration from legacy PBX to VOIP. Without this information we may have added costly services to sites that did not require them or under/over subscribe.

We are now using Tiger reports across 40,000 extensions in 150+ countries"

- Global Transportation Customer

"The University's switch to Tiger's Managed Service cuts call management costs by 50% with improved billing, moves, adds and changes"

- Higher Education Customer

"One of the largest Tiger users in our company was industrial security, who required proactive alerting and fast autonomous access to telephony information to support compliance enquiries"

- Financial Services Customer

"We were able to monitor in real-time whether our call strategy was working and how calls were being distributed across vendors. We could spot bottlenecks with queues and potentially allocate more resources based on historic or on-going trends"

- Higher Education Customer

"Tiger allowed my international company to easily visualise the communications flows between countries (internal and external), helping me to forecast, prepare and deploy a least cost routing call flow matrix, generating hundreds of thousands of yearly recurring cost savings by routing outbound calls to the most cost efficient path"

- Large Multinational Customer

Tiger Prism

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